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Rental Terms Agreement

Rental Agreement Terms:

  1. Sunflower Wedding reserves the right, at its discretion, to update/modify these Rental Agreement Terms at any time without notice.  It is your responsibility to check Rental Agreement Terms.

  2. Reservation of Date:  Items and/or services are not reserved until a rental terms agreement is signed and a 25% NON-REFUNDABLE Retainer is received by Sunflower Wedding.   ANY retainer paid is NON-REFUNDABLE.  An additional retainer or security deposit may be required upon additional services.  

  3. Security Deposit is REQUIRED and is included on invoice.  Rental agreement will include invoice balance and security deposit due on day of pick up.  The client agrees to pay a security deposit.  The security deposit will be returned to the client when all rental items are  returned and no damage/missing items within 3 business days.   Out of area Green Bay/Fox Valley will have a higher security deposit as determined by Sunflower Wedding. 

  4. Finalization of order:   All final adjustments to the order are due 3 weeks from the event date.  Final payment of invoice balance and security deposit is due on the day of pick up.    Any order not paid is not released.   It is the client's responsibility to notify Sunflower Wedding of any changes to the original order including address changes, final counts. 

  5. Rental Items:  Client acknowledges that the rental property is of a size, design, and quantity selected by client and that Sunflower Wedding has not made and does not make any representation, warranty, express or implied, with respect to the condition, quality,  durability, or suitability of the rentals.  Liability of Sunflower Wedding shall be limited to rental cost   Any order issues must be presented to Sunflower Wedding within 48 hours of event date.  

  6. Adjustments to an order:   Sunflower Wedding reserves the right to adjust any order because of missing, discontinued or damaged items prior to an event.  Such scenarios include exchange of damaged hard goods, or discontinued items no longer available.    Changes to the initial order can be made but must NOT exceed a variation of 25% of the original order.  

  7. Pick up of Rental Items:    Client is responsible to meet with Sunflower Wedding on Thursday in time frame of 11am to 3 pm prior to the event at an agreed time and location(West Green Bay, Abrams, or Kaukauna).   Sunflower Wedding is released of all damage which may occur to items after they have been picked up from Sunflower Wedding.  

  8. Return of Rental Items:  Client agrees to return the rental items on the Monday in time frame of 11 am to 3 pm following the Weekend Date Event.   All returned items should be dry and free of food debris.    Missing items are charged double the rental rate excluding flower walls or boxwood walls which is full replacement cost. 

  9. Cancellations:  Any monies paid towards the rental cannot be refunded.   In the event of a cancellation, the monies paid would be issued for credit at Sunflower Wedding and must be used within 18 months of booking date.  

  10. Client is responsible for use of the rental items.  Client assumes all risks inherent to the operation and use of rented items.    Client agrees to hold Sunflower Wedding harmless from and against any and all liability, claims, judgements, attorney fees, and cost of every kind and nature, including but not limited to, injuries or death to persons and damage of property, arising out of the use, maintenance, installation, operation, possession, ownership, or rental of the items rented, despite cause.  

Final Payment :  Payment of rental fee balance and security deposit is due at time of pick up when we meet.

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